Our History

In 1983, Superior Blasting & Painting Inc. opened in Tremont, IL. The business grew over the next five years and in 1987 the company became the supplier in world-wide product returns for a local fortune 500 company. In 1988, the employees purchased the company through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). In the early 1990’s, we added many new services such as commercial packaging and sub-assembly.

The company was renamed Superior Consolidated Industries to reflect the new and diverse service offerings. In 1996, we relocated our Headquarters to Peoria while expanding to include in-house services and warehouse management. In 2000, we opened two locations in East Peoria to facilitate growth and improve paint operations. By December 2002, we again changed our company name to SC2 Supply Chain Services to realign with our updated corporate identity and image.

Within the last ten years, SC2 has continued to grow in both size and services. In 2004, SC2 acquired NuAir Filter Corporation located in Bloomington/Normal, IL. The addition of NuAir provided many new service offerings such as air filtration, fabrication, kitting, sequencing and in-house maintenance. In the last six years, we have added Logistics facilities in Mossville and Bartonville, IL as well as Waco, TX.

Today, our thousands of dedicated employee-owners at our 13 facilities have a personal stake in SC2’s success as well as our customers’ satisfaction. We combine efforts to achieve the growth, expansion, and diversification necessary to define our future.

Looking For A Partner?

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