Filtration Services


As a leader in clean air technology, rely on SC2 for all your filtration needs. Whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential, our Indoor Air Quality Specialists will conduct a comprehensive review of your HVAC systems and provide a detailed program customized for you at competitive prices. SC2’s filter change-out program will work with you and develop a schedule to maximize the quality of the indoor air by establishing regular change-out intervals.

For nearly thirty years, NuAir, a division of SC2, has been serving customers across the country with air filtration products and services. We have evolved from a manufacturer and distributor of air filters to the leading Indoor Air Quality Specialists. We are proud to employ NAFA Certified Air Filtration Specialists and NCIAQ Certified Indoor Air Quality Investigators to handle all of your needs.

Filter Change-Out Program

NuAir identifies and recommends the appropriate change-out intervals for your filters. Make sure to clean and wipe down the filter area to extend the life of your filters and document all the inspections and corrective actions for your records.

As a distributor representing a variety of brands, NuAir can meet your filter needs whether they are commercial, industrial or residential. We are also a distributor of machine filtration and welcome both large and small orders.  

Our qualified group of specialists will clean the floors, grates and walls of spray paint booths and prep stations. All dust will be vacuumed and walls will be washed down. We change ceiling media, clean grates, and vacuum in booths as well. Old paint in paint booths will be scraped from the floors, ceilings, walls and light fixtures and a protective coating will be applied. 

NuAir understands that different customers have different needs, and we’ll make sure to adjust our schedules to accommodate your needs. Day, night or weekend….you call the shots.

Paint Booth Maintenance

Paint booths are some of the most difficult locations to clean. Keeping paint lines operating smoothly and efficiently is critical to the success of our SC2 customers. SC2 provides on-site paint booth cleaning and maintenance for companies who paint products ranging from cars and engines, to parts and equipment in a wide variety of operations.

SC2’s flexible team works around the operating needs of your facility to ensure productivity is never interrupted.

Our associates perform specialized tasks such as:

  • On-site maintenance of your booths during your non-production hours
  • Interior/exterior cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Pit cleaning
  • Exhaust Plenum chamber & stack cleaning
  • CO2 blasting
  • Applying strippable coatings
  • Duct and oven cleaning
  • Maintenance contracts

Duct Cleaning. SC2 Offers:

  • Industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Clean air ducts can improve overall efficiency of HVAC systems
  • Clean ventilation systems lead to improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Member NADCA

CO2 Blasting. SC2 Offers:

  • Unique process using soft dry ice at supersonic speeds
  • Thoroughly cleans equipment & removes underlying substrates
  • Gentle enough to use in sensitive environments
  • Non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-conductive process
  • Reduces cleaning downtime
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Cleans equipment in place without disassembly or cool down time
  • Does not generate secondary waste
  • Environmentally-friendly

Our Products. SC2 can provide you with filters from the following suppliers:

  • Purolator – PAF 11, Pleats Hi-E 40, Mark80, Bag Filters, Odd Size Filters, Defiant Cell
  • Columbus Industries – Paper paint arrestors, Poly cubes
  • Air Flow Technologies – Tackified Poly Rolls, Internal Ring Panel, Paint Pockets, Auto Rolls, Speritex Ceiling Media, Link Panel Filters, Exhaust Filters, Prefilter Exhaust Bags
  • AJR – Liquid and Dust Filter Bags
  • Cartridge Filters and Carbon Filters
  • Blocksom – Paratex Filters (pads and rolls)

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Looking For Filters?

JDennyFor all sales inquiries, please call Jeff Denny at (309) 677-5980 or email

For all other filter-related inquiries, please call NuAir at 1 (800) 356-3626 or             (309) 888-4331