The warehousing operations at SC2 provide numerous opportunities for all customers both large and small. Through efficient use of floor space, reduced labor costs and inventory management programs, SC2 is cost efficient and helps our customers save.

Why SC2 Warehousing?

    1. SC2 currently manages warehouses from 40,000 to 1.3 million square feet and more than $500 million worth of inventory.  
    2. Our systems as well as employee training programs drive the quality and accuracy of inventory management.   
    3. We can provide the manpower and equipment to meet the most requirements.
    4. Receiving and storing best practices are administered to provide customers with both inventory accuracy and location accuracy.   
    5. High order picking and shipping standards are maintained to guarantee accurate shipments to customers and their clients, within the required time constraints.

Facility Management

If it’s only the space you need, we can offer partial or full warehouse space to store your assets and fulfill your needs. If your requirements are more complex, SC2 will provide you with the best labor, management and systems necessary to manage and store your assets. We can provide you with any of the following services: 

    1. Contract – SC2 has several locations ready to meet your contract warehousing needs. Let us do your receiving, inventory, tracking and order fulfillment.
    2. Public – SC2 will provide you with the space to store and track your inventory, offering both short and long-term agreements.
    3. Bonded customs – We have the ability to receive items from all over the world, with no limitations on size or quantity.

SC2 in Action

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Looking For A Warehousing?

JDennyFor all sales inquiries, please call Jeff Denny at (309) 677-5980 or email JDenny@SC2Services.com