Kitting, Sequencing and Sub-Assembly

Whether it’s built to stock or a fast paced, high velocity just-in-time environment, our manufacturing support services will provide you with quality-driven, error-free assembly.

SC2 designs a way to simplify processes and reduce costs by employing continuous improvement tools including lean manufacturing, quality management systems and six sigma methodologies into each and every service we offer.

SC2’s kitting, sub-assembly and assembly operations perform labor intensive assembly of many commodities, as well as multi-part packaging for kits to be scheduled for just-in-time applications. Component parts supplied by a variety of sources, customers or purchased by us can be incorporated in assemblies or kit packages. Experience in the kitting business includes product improvement, safety recall, dealer/customer installed optional equipment and service kits. Assemblies or kits can be packaged for the customer’s sales outlets as well as accumulated in sequence for just-in-time delivery to our customer’s assembly locations.

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