Started in 1983, SC2 has a long history in Central Illinois.

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1983: Humble Beginnings

In 1983, Superior Blasting & Painting Inc. opened in Tremont, IL.

1987: Steady Growth

The business grew over the next five years, and in 1987 the company became the supplier of worldwide product returns for a local fortune 500 company.

1988: Becoming ESOP

In 1988, the employees purchased the company through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The entirety of the purchase price was paid off in two years.

1989-1995: Adding Services

From 1989 to 1995 we added many new services such as commercial packaging and sub-assembly.

1996: HQ Relocation

In 1996, we relocated our Headquarters to Peoria while expanding our services to include in-house services and warehouse management.

2000: Growth in East Peoria

In 2000, we opened two locations in East Peoria to facilitate growth and improve paint operations.

2002: Re-branding Efforts

By December 2002, we again changed our company name from Superior Consolidated Industries to SC2 Supply Chain Services to realign with our updated corporate identity.

2004: Filtration Division Acquisition

In 2004, SC2 acquired NuAir Filter Corporation located in Bloomington/Normal, IL. The addition of NuAir provided many new service offerings such as air filtration, kitting, sequencing and in-house maintenance.

2007: 3PL Expansion

In 2007, we opened our Mossville, IL facility to keep up with increased demand for logistics  and fulfillment services

2008: Deep in the Heart of Texas

In 2008, we opened our Waco, TX facility to increase our service range to the Southern United States.

2010: Explosion of 3PL growth

In 2010, due to the rapid growth of the logistics operation at Mossville, we decided to add another logistics and packaging facility in Bartonville, IL.

2017: A Good Year

To compensate for overflow from other facilities, we opened a facility in Milan, IL, added another East Peoria Facility, and re-opened our Mapleton facility.


Today, our thousands of dedicated employee-owners at our 14 facilities have a personal stake in SC2’s success as well as our customers’ satisfaction. We combine efforts to achieve the growth, expansion, and diversification necessary to define our future.