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Contract Packaging Services

SC2 offers comprehensive contract packaging solutions, acting as an extension of your clients' operations. You handle everything from assembly and labeling to filling and palletizing, ensuring products meet all regulatory standards. With expertise in various packaging materials and automation tools, you provide clients with increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a focus on maintaining product quality and brand image.


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SC2 is PARTNERSHIP REDEFINIED. Let's discuss how we can help you reach your service goals together.

Jeff Denny

Business Development Manager

What we Do

Filling and Packaging: We handle filling your products into containers, following your specifications, and ensuring everything is measured accurately. We can also handle various packaging types, from simple corrugated boxes to heavy wood crates.

Labeling and Marking: SC2 ensures your products are properly labeled according to your requirements and all regulatory standards. This includes applying labels, barcodes, and any other necessary markings.

Palletizing and Warehousing: We securely palletize your finished products for easy transport and storage. SC2 may also offer warehousing services to keep your inventory safe and organized until it's shipped out.

Quality Control: Throughout the process, SC2 focuses on quality control. They inspect products at every stage to ensure they meet your specifications and are free of defects.

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