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We streamline your production process by providing meticulously prepared kits containing all the components needed for subassemblies and final assemblies.
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Kitting, Sequending, & Sub-Assembly Services

SC2 streamlines your production process with expert kitting, sequencing, and subassembly services. We meticulously pre-assemble the exact components needed for your final product, ensuring everything is organized and readily available on the production line. This eliminates time spent searching for parts, reduces errors, and optimizes your workflow. Our sequencing ensures components are delivered in the precise order they're needed, further boosting efficiency. Additionally, SC2 can handle subassembly tasks, taking care of smaller component pre-builds to free up your team for more complex assembly stages. By taking care of these crucial steps, SC2 helps you achieve faster production times, improved accuracy and reduced overall costs.


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Jeff Denny

Business Development Manager

What we Do

Enhanced Assembly Efficiency: Imagine having all the necessary components pre-sorted and ready for assembly at each station. That's the power of SC2's kitting services. We meticulously collect, organize, and package the exact parts needed for each product, eliminating time-consuming searches and minimizing errors during assembly. This translates to faster production times and a significant boost in overall efficiency.

Precise Sequencing for Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing: SC2 doesn't just create kits; we ensure they arrive at the assembly line exactly when needed. Through meticulous sequencing, we deliver kits in the precise order required for production, adhering to Just-in-Time (JIT) principles. This minimizes storage space needs and prevents bottlenecks caused by missing components.

Quality Subassembly for Complex Products: For products with intricate subassemblies, SC2 can take the reins. We leverage our skilled workforce and expertise to handle subassembly tasks, freeing up your team to focus on core assembly activities. This reduces overall assembly time, improves quality control, and allows you to scale production efficiently.

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